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Thread: Almost forgot to tell you guys . . . We won the championship !!!!

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    Thats right, we won the MAKO Outlaw Racing Pro Mod champion ship, its a 4 state series that totals 7 races and we came out the top dogs with over 150 points, it was a land slide and even though they changed the rules to make it more fair by making it best 5 outt 7 races we still took home top honors in the Outlaw Pro mod Catagory !!! Dont get me wrong there was some feirce competators and sometimes we got beat but all in all our hard work and dedication paid off !!!
    We are super stoked for a first year team running a 2400 + hp all aluminum alky (with a little nitro!!!) injected 16-71 blown 526 in a 6 second, 200mph class to come out champs is a feat in itself !!! So we are selling the old car and have a new Wally Stroupe carbon fiber 68 swoopy camaro (resembles the new 2009 camaro coming out) and are looking at getting a new motor home and pull behind staker trailer and selling off the toter and other staker !!! Were running the Super Chevy Nitro Coupe series next year and there its a 17 race coast to coast series. We ran the last two races with them this year in columbus OH and san antonio TX and was very competetive and with a new 400 lbs lighter car and clutch (we were running a lenco drive automatic) we should be in the top finishers at each and every race. I am planning on caring the 8.0 kawasaki in the trailer also for some fun between us pit guys !!! We are also looking at running a few IHRA races as they are having one here in tulsa.
    I will keep you guys posted w/ pics on the new car which is said to arrive at thanksgiving if not sooner so we can get out paint scheme on it and be ready for our first race in florida in Feburary. . .

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    pics from the championship race here, were the camaro promod and the blue vette is Buddy farmer who we red lite against in the semifinals at the last race, we had him covered easy, but with better lights than everybody all year, it was bound to happen, i just wish we would have won, it was our race !!! He went on to win the event with an easy victory against barkledge who byed to the final . . . .

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    You guys really deserve it.........after breaking everything you touched early on you should be, how about flipping a few shirts to the guys that knew you when you just hammered out fenders for a living........Vic
    p.s. "who tightend the rod bolts" :argue:

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    Rod bolts got torqued to spec each and every time by me !!! The hole thing about the deal with the over torqued rod bolts was covering a tuner's azz that came to help us and upped the shift points from 8450 to 9900 !!!

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    congrats dustin,I'm sure there were alot of long nights working on the car.

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