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Thread: my 78 sanger

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    Its a start with alot of potential. Its my first jet.. Building the 514 for it now. my jet pump has been completely upgraded for high performance use. Have the usual goodies, custom impeller, droop snoot, anti cavitation impeller, performance loader etc... Had some exhaust holes to patch in the back which are finished now.I will be running big tube headers. paint and interior work will come later....E

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    El Prosecutor
    Cool project. I like the way the transom transitions in to the jet on those.

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    b's sanger
    Nice Sprint Jet. Gotta love the Old School thing.

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    thanks B sanger......hoping to get mine looking as good as yours and scott
    dominators sangers.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E

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    The gel on that thing is sexy, it can use some help but sexy none the less.

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    Hey are those bass boat seats ???

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    Nice boat...wish mine started out looking that good... :crossx:

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    overkill, yes I believe they are BB seats. been looking at alot of other sangers and other jet boats in general to see how they should look. I figure that one out later. Previous owner put those in there.
    The top is paint and gel and yes it looks better in the pic than it really is. A few chips and nicks. I have some friends that are excellent painters. I'll work a deal with them later...
    thanks again for the comments.....Eric

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    woo hoo!! another sanger on the lake!
    i have a 1980 s/j

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