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Thread: New Pics of my 1964 FE Powered Lavey Craft from Elsinore.

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    The pics were taken on a crappy throw away camera and then scanned in with a dirty scanner, sorry for the low quality. This actually has me searching for a digicam right now.

    Me on the left, my grandfather in the middle, father on the right and my little boy down below me.

    On ther trailer before launching.

    some lady that wouldnt go away taking pics of the boat.

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    My father holding it in the water.

    Parked waiting for us to set up the tarps.

    Engine shot in the garage the night before.

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    Me and my GF coming back, my father is ready to catch it.

    My dad holding the boat once more.

    Angled front garage shot from the night before.

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    My grandfather and dad idling out.

    Pass. side shot of the engine in the garage.

    Close up of the back in the water.

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    Far back shot, just looking at the Elsinore water makes me want to puke.

    On trailer ready to go back home in the garage.

    My grandfather and dad.
    We all had a great time. It was a VERY nice day cause we got to get my grandfather out on the boat for a slow ride. He has been down the dumps since my grandmother passed away a few days ago and it was good to get a smile on his face. The boat ran VERY strong and it has been very "turnkey" the past few trips. Just a few more trips until we yank the engine and interior this winter and redo the wiring, gauges, seats and floor and hopefully a few stress cracks and then we should be ready for next season, then the season after than comes "project FE build up" beware
    On the way home there was a SWEET flatty with a blower being pulled by a HUGE motorhome, the guy was checking ours out as we were checking his out.

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    I get a kick out of seeing family pix with the's great you guys can get together and enjoy that Lavey together! We feel for you on losing your grandmother, too, and know that you did alot to light up your grandpa's face that day.
    A guy in this area has one of the original Lavey Sidewinders...has Chevy power now.

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    Thanks, actually I just read the post, my grandmother passed away a few months ago, I said days. He keeps telling us he is going soon, so those pics are priceless.
    BTW: what is a sidewinder? I was thinking of chevy power, but for the price to convert and get a stock chevy in it, I could build up the FE and be more rare and less stress converting.

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    Awesome pictures man. Great to see 4 generations all together.
    Have fun with it.

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    its nice to see a restored lavey!! its a beauitful boat.....have fun and be safe!! wink

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    Very nice pictures. Is the motor a 390 or a 427? I built one of those 390's a few years ago. I put it in a 74 Ford pick-up. That thing would really burn rubber..... eek! Passed anything but a gas station.....

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