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Thread: Well, it's been fun all!

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    bunny 166
    Goodnight everyone....Charley the light pro--see you over Thanksgiving hopefully .....007, take a long leap off a short bridge... :crossx: And to everyone else....have a great night and see you on the water.... I'm going to get busy, LOL.....So nice chattin' with ya'!!!! :boxed: :boxed: I love or Yvonne-call me tomorrow.....Havasu47, I'll call you tomorrow.... :rollside: Night !!!!!!!! :sleeping:

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    I feel so lonely :cry:

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    I will, will your friend be around again...

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    what about me .... i'm a "a" lister, right ?????? :cry: :rollside:
    When you find your keys we will invite you over

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