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Thread: Fog Machine

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    Wet Dream
    I just bought a fog machine and a gallon of fog solution. Well of course I have to try it out. . I'm definately putting it through its paces. It's working just fine, but its inside the house. My wife is going to shit when she gets home.

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    a catered life
    went to a halloween party and they had one going.....lots of smoke

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    Halloween is over.
    I here buy the bigger ones. The small ones don't work well.

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    Just wait til' the smoke detectors go off.

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    At our halloween party last year.....the fire department showed up. When they rang the bell at the front door I was amazed at the realistic costumes of these guys....until I noticed they actually had a real fire engine...
    Turns out my son had gotten out of hand with the two fog machines and the monitored smoke detection system summoned the FD.... oops. No one heard the phone ring...
    Better quality is worth it. You need the remote control one with the tunable degree of smoke and variable time delay. I just put ours away...

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