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Thread: Wirnig up the boat

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    Bow Tie Omega
    Hey all. I have a question or two. Rather then running the terminal block with the resistor/breaker, I went ahead and purchased a Painless Wiring wiring Harness/fuse box. My reasons were for cleanliness when rigging, the wires are labeled and I have a few more accessories then it had before. Now, my question is this. Since I do not have a terminal block any longer, I no longer have the resistor. However, I do have a 30 amp breaker for my ignition circuit which I purchased seperatley. WHen reading the directions, it said that a resistor is only needed for a points style distributor. I have a Davis Unified Igniition HEI, hence no need for the resistor, right? Will I be ok running the 30 amp breaker. I understand how the resistor functions, as well as the breaker. I just do not want to burn anything up in the process and want to double check my thinking.
    PS.....I think the powers that be should consider an "Electrical" forum in the tech section. I think it would be well used by many...Just a thought.

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    No resister on HEI. Direct ign power (full 12V). I never though of the breaker, but that's a good idea. 30 is probably a little tall, but it would still prevent a fire.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    RIght on, I just wanted to double check. Thanks for the 411...Joe

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