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    got a quick question ..all my other engines i have had in boats had a block water drane in each side.......engine i have now a 454 bbc only has a a draine on one side........any suggestions? i need to draine block for the winter.......thanks

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    Keep looking,, there are two on the 454 blocks. One angles differently than the other.

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    centerhill condor
    Keep looking,, there are two on the 454 blocks. One angles differently than the other.
    he's right.

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    Jim W
    On some of the newer boats, you have to take out the knock sensor.
    You will find it in the same position as the drain plug you did find, obviously on the other side of the block. Be gentle removing it....
    Be good, Jim

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    Look behind the dip stick tube just above the oil pan.

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    well found em .....not all that hard to find.......what a pain to get out......i opened the pitcock in one side and its just makes a sucking sound i unscreew the whole thing and run a screew drive around in ther and small rocks etc come pouring out.......i figure hey i can always clean the water its the other side by the dip stick.......its just a plug with allen head wrench so i try to turn it.....what a pile pf crap so i go buy some sockets that have allen head in them......get it out no water lol......i had to practacly break a seal of crap in there sh%t and all that......but its drained now for the winter.......going to replace both sides with brass bolts....... :rollside:

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    I put radiator petcocks in both mine, just bent the blades on 1 to clear the dipstick tube. After a cleaning when they went in, they drain great.

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    Aluminum Squirt
    Rubber expansion plugs instead of freeze plugs. That way you can pull all of them and stick a hose in there and get everyhting all cleaned out, also makes winterizing a snap. Make sure they fit well, make sure you carry a couple of spares, and (if you are running a jet) make sure your water pressure is regulated or by-passed-Aluminum Squirt

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