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Thread: Does anybody here use his electric golf cart to...

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    Scarab Jet
    move the boat around in the garage? I have a 48 volt Yamaha golf cart and was wonderin' if it is safe to put a hitch on it to move the boat (about 250 pound tongue weight) around in the garage?
    If so, what is the best hitch to get and where do I get it?
    As usual, thanx in advance for any thoughts...

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    I have a 36 volt ezgo cart that i built a hitch for out of steel channel, and 3/16" plate. Pulls 2 sea doos around the neighborhood no problem and backs them up a pretty steep driveway. Also have a 22' boat and triple axle trailer that it will pull ,but not back up. Probably about 180# tongue wieght.

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    I would be more concerned about the brakes.

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