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Thread: Sunk The Treadmill

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    Bad weekend. Was out on Lake Piru with the kids on the treadmill...and as soon as I started running faster than the treadmill could go, it flipped and threw us all off of it. Luckily the kids weren't hurt, but I got my leg stuck on the handlebars and nearly went down with the treadmill. Lost all of our beer...
    How fast and deep did the treadmill sink?
    Going against a 20mph current at a speed of 95mph, how much will it cost to recover the treadmill?
    How much money can I get all you suckers to donate to the "Leave The Treadmill At The Bottom Of The Lake Fund"?

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    Money on the way.

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    Let's give the guy a break. This is crazy. If we all donate 2 dollars, that will be more than enough to get the treadmill lifted. Mine's in the mail already.

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    I haven't looked into that yet seeing as how apparently they don't have a post office at the bottom of the lake. I thought at one time they did but maybe they closed it down or something.

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    I shit the treadmill? ( I did not shit the DEE DEE DEE.

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    Eric Clapton???????We have a weiner...........I mean a winner. :crossx:

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    Dammit! I just spit whiskey all over my Hustler!
    oh what the hell, I guess something was bound to get spit all over it sooner or later (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you said LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You should have insurance, check with your agent & see whats covered, the beer etc. You should wait till after Christmas to raise the treadmill as we are going into the windy season. I'll send a donation when I see a mud covered treadmill!

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    Dammit...I have a bad weekend and all you guys seem to be able to do is call a scam! I'm not scamming me on this! My kids almost got hurt in the whole ordeal for Christ's sake!
    So please, try to show a little sympathy and stop bashing me or you will regret it "later"! Thank you.

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    topless (
    What the hell am I goimg to do?.
    I 'm drunk as hell and can barely post and the idiot posts pics of 2 hot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What should I do???

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