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Thread: I met Bob Leach Today

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    I stopped by Eliminator today in Mira Loma to get a sticker for my truck. I got treated so nice. This guy took me back to a little office where they do all the vinyl cutting and embroidery and asked me what color I wanted. Then Bob Leach came in (I didn't know it was him, I am new to this world) and asked me if I wanted any more and what colors I wanted. I told him I would take a silver one for my Audi. He then asked me what I thought of my Audi and proceeded to tell me that Eliminator was teaming up with Audi to create a concept boat with them that will run the Audi V12 TDI diesel engine that won Le Mans for them this year. They want to show it at the Miami Int Boat Show in Feb.
    Bob Leach was so cool to me. I was just some guy who was trying to mooch a sticker. He was very passionate about what he was talking about. It was like he was building his first boat and wanted to share the excitement. It was really cool. I know he is a legend in the industry but if he is still this excited about building boats after all these years, that says a lot to me. I hope to be able step up someday and buy one of the big boy boats. Eliminator came across world class to me, I will be happy to wear their sticker on my truck.
    Here is the motor they will be running in the concept.

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    I met Bob Leach at the B2B is Sacto this year. He's a really friendly and cool guy. It was like 11pm at night and he was out cleaning up a customers boat and took time to chat with my wife and me as we walked by checking out the boats.

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    Tom Brown
    Next time you see Bob, ask him if he'll sponsor me in walkathon to raise money for deaf waiters.
    We're trying to raise 700 bucks to outfit a few locals with body armor. Sometimes the customers get pretty irate.

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    Bob is a very cool, down to earth guy and his daughter is pretty darn hot !! :rollside:

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    Any pictures of his Daughter? Sorry, couldnt resist.
    Bob is a very cool, down to earth guy and his daughter is pretty darn hot !! :rollside:

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    Bob Leach is a hell of a nice guy. I've done business with him for several years and he is not only a gentleman but he still believe's is his product and still pushes to do the very best it can possibly be. He also has a good team behind him that trusts his input into the product and strive's to make his product better and different than the other guy's. I believe in it so much that I'm getting ready to build a Coupe with him.

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