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Thread: ski race video's from down under

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    Bordsmnj............Thanks for that mate!
    I was at that race in 2005, watched from right behind where his interview on the river bank was. That would have been this year's race in February.
    The cool part is that the Blown Budget team are all guys that I know, Brett, Steve, Cam and Tim. I was in that garage where they interviewed Brett Dominguez in that first clip, and actually visited the Hellbent shop in Melbourne a couple of times also. I was fortunate enough to get a ride in the Blown Budget boat on a practice run, gps showed 114 MPH pulling two skiers! The water was so smooth that it felt more like 95, even though I had to stand up a few times to see the skiers over the rooster tail.
    I have the complete 2003 video when they won the race. I am extremely proud to have known Brett's brother Scott, and father Michael, both of whom are no longer with us.

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    Thank you for posting those links! They were great to watch.

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    i was hoping some one would get a kick out of them. cool

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    Those vids are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Awesome Mate!!!!

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    I have a few DVD's from AUS. Ever seen them start the race? two guys on skis, boat motor out and trails the line. Them the driver nails it before they even get the line tight. Those guys can water ski. I really like the single OB's doing it...

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    HighVoltage 329
    That gets my heart pumpin', thanks for the rush.

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    Awesome vids, thanks for sharing!..

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