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    I have a 1972 Lavey Craft 22' day cruiser. It doesn't have full lenght stringers. Why did boat builders not run the srtingers all the way to the front?
    Also when the stringers are installed in a boat during layup are they installed during the layup or are they the last things installed on the floor?

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    Back Forty
    Probably because the hull is thicker than a patato chip and actually has deck structure in it unlike the light weight little hot rod hull's. Just a guess though...

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    Why no full lenght stringers??
    Bottomline, COST
    Most jet boats from that area only have 1/4 stringers. Doing it like that they could do 4 boats instead of just one.

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    Usually, the hull is laminated and cured prior to the installation of the stringers. From there the laminators grind the glass to allow adhesion. Then they place the stringers in their proper location (after coating the stringer with resin)and apply the glass over the top of the stringer to bond it to the hull. Some manufacturers only place glass on a few locations, but the good ones laminate the whole stringer to the hull.

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    I guess I should clarify that this boat is a v-drive. The stringers stop just in front of the v-drive.

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    63stevens axed da quesshun:
    Also when the stringers are installed in a boat during layup are they installed during the layup or are they the last things installed on the floor?
    My Raysoncraft w/full stringers is built like this:
    The hull is laid up to 2 layers of mat in the mold. Then the stringers are laid in directly on top of the hull shell while it's all setting up, contoured to fit the bottom, of course.
    Next the core material, namely plywood, is laid on each side of the stringer. Notice the stringer isn't on top of the plywood- it's installed on each side of it and bonded to the hull shell. The outer sheet goes outboard almost to the chine, and the inner piece stops just short of the keel, so that both inner sheets form a keel down the center about 10" wide.
    Now that all this bare wood is layin' there, next all this glass cloth/mat etc is laid into the mold down the keel, and on each chine to build up those areas to close the thickness of the plywood core. Adds strength and impact resistance, and allows installation of struts, shaft log etc. thru the keel without penetrating any wood core. Avoids water intrusion, etc.
    Once all this is in place the final layers of mat and/or cloth go in on top of the stringers and plywood, and the flow coat of resin goes in.
    Did I get this right? Rudy Ramos explained it to me this way...Any comments?

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    I'm getting ready to start stringer replacement on my 86 Sanger Hydro.So, I have to lay some mat,resin down first then put stringers on top of that?What kind of matt,resin is the best?
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    If you are replacing your stringers, you will cut out what's left of your old ones, Make your new ones out of your choice of material (make sure they fit well), and bond them to the existing hull (where the old ones came out, after grinding of course) with glass. I use 2 layers of 1.5" wide strips of 2oz mat. Set the new sringers on top while it's wet (use something in between them to make sure they are parallel, and perfectly vertical) and put weight on them until the glass cures. Them cover them in your choice of material (matt/composite, or mat/cloth) Then flowcoat, and finish. I like to use 2oz mat, and a layer of "1708" composite, with good quality polyester laminating resin (not Home Depot stuff...). If you are making a bunch of power (1000+), then you might go with "2415" composite, as it's thicker, but heavier. Just make sure you squeeqee out all the air and excess resin. The previous post was telling how Rudy Ramos (and others) put them in a new boat.
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    Thanks Ducky,
    I won't be going with that kind of power.Only about 600 or 700 hp.So, you lay down 1.5" strips on the bottom then put the stringers on top till it cures.So much to learn.Thanks

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