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Thread: cambells boat storage in havi question

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    the wife and I are driving back from tucson and want to pick up the boat to bring home for a little while. does the gaurd have a key to unlock the units? or is the someone avalabe on a sunday to unlock the storage so we can get to our boat. i've been calling and no one answers the phone.

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    No but I have a hacksaw. :rollside:

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    I believe they do have keys and are there 24/7. I was told they would pull my boat out for me if I called in advance. Maybe he's out to lunch...

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    It's open 24/7, don't you have a key to your unit??

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    Yes they do have a key. I forgot mine once and the guard was able to let me in. (it was the nice heavy set guy). Just pulled mine out Friday night and brought back home.

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    thanks guys. they never gave me a key. i'll have to get one. thank god for ***boat and a treo phone. it would suck to drive the 4 hour detour to get assed out.

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