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    Fukkin' dumbass... He probably thinks the plane won't fly either. If the Mustang had been on a treadmill that would never had happened...

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    I'm not sure what I'd be more angry over, the car (even though it is a ford ) or the new entry-way into the garage.

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    My first wife did almost the exact same thing. We had a brand new house and I had just bought a brand new 280Z. It was sitting outside the garage with the door closed.
    The wife wants to take it to the store. My brother and I are joking with her, saying things like "women can't drive high performance cars"....which she doesn't think is funny.
    She goes out and gets in the new Z, starts it up in first gear with the clutch in, then adjusts the seat, and it goes all the way back where she can't reach the clutch.
    She crashes the new car all the way through the garage door of our new house!

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