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Thread: Drug bust in BHC

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    Round em up and throw em in jail...
    BHC police nab meth, suspected dealers
    Saturday, November 4, 2006 7:38 PM PST
    JEFF MANGUM/The Daily News drugs and money: The Bullhead City Police executed multiple search warrants on Thursday night and Friday morning, netting the more than 5 pounds of methamphetamine pictured above.
    The Daily News
    BULLHEAD CITY - Bullhead City police executed a meth bust Thursday and Friday that took five pounds of the drug off the streets, valued at $177,750. They also seized more than $400,000 in property related to the sale of drugs, according to Police Chief Rodney Head.
    The bust was a result of a five-month investigation involving a group of individuals referred to as the “Cordova Family.”
    Over time, undercover cops bought 3 ounces of coke and 28 ounces of methamphetamine from Modesto “Tito” Cordova, 23, to confirm his alleged drug dealing activities and to discover more suspects involved in the operation which was allegedly distributing large quantities of drugs, the chief said.
    Police believe the drugs involved in this case came from Mexico and were taken to Phoenix and then to Bullhead City.
    They theorize that some of the Bullhead City drugs may have been intended for regional or even national distribution.
    Getting ready to lower the boom, undercover officers bought about 2 ounces of meth from Tito Thursday at his 1365 Agate Drive residence.
    Officers observed a large amount of meth in the house during the transaction, which triggered a search warrant and Tito's subsequent arrest, according to Head.
    While serving the search warrant, officers spotted Christopher Betty, 26, trying to leave. Betty, identified as an alleged co-conspirator, was nabbed in his car.
    Police obtained additional search warrants for residences at 670 Palo Verde Drive and 945 Coral Reef and served them early Friday morning.
    Officers allegedly found 11 ounces of meth at the Palo Verde address, the home of Cinthia Cordova, 32, Tito's sister. She was later arrested at her place of employment at Marina and Riviera boulevards.
    Another suspected co-conspirator, Neri Cadena, 65, was arrested at his home at 1415 Bryan Drive, the chief said.
    Police estimate that the property seizures will ultimately include three homes, several vehicles and a large amount of personal property likely purchased with drug money.
    “I am excited about that,” said Bullhead City Mayor Diane Vick. “We do have a great police department.”
    Bullhead City police had help in this investigation from the DEA, DPS, Lake Havasu City and Kingman police, the MCSO and the Mohave Area General Narcotic Enforcement Team (MAGNET).
    “Each one of them stepped up and assisted in this investigation,” Head said, “as they have in many, many other investigations here in Bullhead City and across Mohave County.
    “And that cooperation between law enforcement agencies is the way we get things done,” he said.
    The investigation continues and additional search warrants will be served on local financial institutions and more arrests may be made, according to Head.

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    ...might be a few more boats on the market... :idea:

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    Uh oh, who is going to run the Mcdonalds and Taco Bells if all of there employees are in jail??????

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    There's meth in BHC???
    What a surprise...... :idea:

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    Oh my, say its not true.
    There's meth in BHC???
    What a surprise...... :idea:

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    ULTRA26 # 1
    Good job. Every little bit helps

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    Wholy sh1t, what are the tweeks going to do? Looks like for the next few weeks I can leave my prop on and not worry about the stereo. Those guys wont be needing any money for drugs till the replacements come in. Poor guys, i almost feel bad for those shrivelled up, zit faced glass pipe carying freeks.... Oh wait no i dont, fuk em.

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    I would hazzard a guess that the slack has already been taken up in the supply chain. (boatcop knows) Sure, this bust will disrupt things in that small circle, but there are many intersecting circles involved. Tweekers are tweekers, and as such will find a way to continue their life, (if you call that a life), style..........I'm sure this is just one medium size school of fish in an ocean size pond.........Kinda like ants at a picnic..........MP

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    good to hear....i tried watching a show on TLC earlier called meth:kiss of death. well i made it about 10 minutes through till i changed it. all it did is show the damage to the teeth of users, which they call "meth mouth". had to be one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen

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    good to hear....i tried watching a show on TLC earlier called meth:kiss of death. well i made it about 10 minutes through till i changed it. all it did is show the damage to the teeth of users, which they call "meth mouth". had to be one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen

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