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Thread: busy with new project

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    Ralph Brunt
    well i got lil ricks pink boat yeah i know, lol
    any way started to mach up the rail kit and install mtr
    this is my first time really doing this so i'm learning as i go.
    here are some pics. still need to finish everything.
    ralph man i'm tired

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    El Prosecutor
    Way to go Ralph! I am proud of ya!
    Still got your Hawaiian? Hey, don't forget us little guys when you get that bad boy running!!

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    Ralph Brunt
    yes i still have the hawaiian, going to be the familly boat the stroker motor that i put in it was too much for the familly. so i'm going to try my hand at racing. ralph

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    Nice, what hull is that?

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    Ralph Brunt
    thanx, its a 1975 hornet

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    Ken F
    Alright Ralph!
    Good to see another 385St. !!!!
    Ken F

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    Ralph Brunt
    got the diverter today thanx cylone speed and marine

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    I'm glad you got it!! It's coming together real QUICK Ralph!!! I think your motor will put that boat where it needs to be ......IN front!!!Install looks good too! Let me know when you test, I'd like to go watch.That diverter will really help too. Also, don't forget the fuel cell and weight discussion we had about the "STINKY PINK" !! You are more than welcome to borrow my GPS too. Hang on to that mag kill switch for me too Ralph, thanks.

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    Ralph Brunt
    ran the fuel lines and electrical today what a bitc- the fuel sys fought all the way had to take the tanks out to hook the lines then no fuel pressure. i found a bad line, the sys wouldnt even prime. oh well getting there but slow. looking back i would've done some things different but it is my first time doing this, when i get it all done i'll go back and redo the things i dont like.

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    Ralph Brunt

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