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    The murder trial opening statements start today in the trial of Thompson's ex business partner Goodwin. How do you prosecute someone without any actual evidence. No eyewittnesses, no DNA or other physical evidence, no actual "hitmen" rolling over on the defendant.......Nothing but some 2nd hand statements about "I got away with it" from an ex girlfiend? I don't know if he was involved or not, and we may never know for sure, but it seems like quite a reach to proceed to trial on such sketchy evidence. Mickey Thompson was truely an inovator in the performance and racing world and his death was a blow to all that enjoy motorsports. Goodwin has been in custody for a couple of years waiting for trial, no bail............MP

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    well, they MUST know something that we don't.

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    Can they say "Double Jeopardy"?????
    "Without reasonable doubt"?????

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