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Thread: gel coat restore

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    what do you guys use to clean up light fading in gel coat. looks shiny in the sun but at the right angle you can see a haze in spots.

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    Nucking futs
    color sand it and polish.

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    color sand it and polish.
    like 1500 or 1600 grit? whole deck or just spots as mentioned above?

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    if its just slightly dull, i use 2000grit wet paper. don't just sand the trouble areas, do the whole top or bottom. if you did it in spots, you'll definately be able to see it on the lake.
    i color sanded alittle on my tx-19 the other day, i used 2000grit wet, med cut 3m compound, then 3m micro finish polish,hand glazed it, then a few coats of telfon wax,looks great now!

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    Nucking futs
    like 1500 or 1600 grit? whole deck or just spots as mentioned above?
    I would just do a 1200 wet and then do the light to medium cut compond and then polish and wax.

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    How old is the gel coat? Has it ever been cut before? These are the two determining factors on what grit to use. I'd play it safe and use the 2000 wet. Takes a little longer, but if the gel is old or you are not sure on it's layers, you won't rub through it like you would with a heavier grit.

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    its an 88 and not sure on the # of buffings if any. thanks all for advice. will try 2000 to see if itll work

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    A guy by the board name RMBuilder told several of us about a product called Aqua Buff 2000. I told a friend with a runabout that was originally RED and was now pink. He bought the stuff and it was amazing how the boat turned out after some work. I will see if I can get a link if you like.

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    I think a guy named havasau barney is available for advise.

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    Rolite or sea breeze wich is purchased through L&L in corona cal. just recently turned on to it and i can say it will pull out 1000 grit sand marks (not saying start with that corse grit!) without any problems,...NO B.S.!
    this stuff is the real deal! Bottom line!

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