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Thread: Hot tub/Spa for sale...

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    Scarab Jet
    I have a very clean one with the heater (220 volt) that I'll sell to fellow ***boaters for $800.00. It's got multiple jets and only used a few times. It also has a cover and cedar wood siding integrated with it. It is located at my vacation property in Mohave Valley, AZ (about a mile or so north of the Needles bridge).
    Please feel free to contact me on my cell at 949/887-5660 or send me a PM or e-mail if interested...
    Here are some pictures:
    http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.*** http://www.***

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    Scarab Jet

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    Scarab Jet

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    I know someone VERY INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like the perfect set-up for them. Should be calling or chiming in soon. :rollside:

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    Wonder if they saw it?????? Hmmmmmmmmmm??

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    Wonder if they saw it?????? Hmmmmmmmmmm??
    did you tell the p's about this one???? :crossx:

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    How old is it? Any pics?

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    I had a circuit put in for a spa but I don't know if it 220. Are they usually? Do you have any pics. I need it for the Havi house.

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    don johnson
    see your PM's

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    Flying Sterling stevens flat!! ( stevens flat!!.d66.jpg)
    I just got it but I am in Havi right now and wanna put your
    Spa on my roof!! For real!! YEA!! I got a truck and can deliver and pick up!!
    Call me 949-510-1077 if you like.

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