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Thread: Why your boss is a prick!

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    Sportin' Wood
    Ever wonder why your boss is such a prick?
    Things like this cause the boss to be a total prick.
    Job goes way over budget and owners say it has to be because they( labor) are leaving the site early, Stupidintendent, says no its because they are models and we made a ton of unbillable changes, Owners say fine because 1st phase of production is under budget but insist that the stupidintendent watch the hours.
    Fast forward to today.
    Traffic violation notice for the job site foremen: Ran a red light in a company truck and got caught on the camera........... AT 2:30ish an hour away from his job site. Work day is 7:00-3:30 Funny the time card for that day says 8 hours......
    HHHHmmmm who should I fire? The super and the foreman or every bastard that ever worked on that job? The fawking axe is swinging around here today, some one is going home bloody!
    One top of that I get this reply from H.R.
    Was the foreman driving during working hours, or was he off duty (i.e., does he take the company vehicle home)? If he was driving the company vehicle during working hours, then the liability for the infraction most likely falls upon the employer under the theory of "respondeat superior," since the employee is the company's agent and was on company time when it occurred. That said, one could certainly make the argument that the employee was not acting within the course and scope of the employment when it occurred (i.e., because breaking the law is not within the course and scope of his employment), but regardless, requiring thje employee to pay the ensuing ticket would likely run afoul of CA wage/hour laws, which severely restrict an employer's ability to charge employees for business-related expenses or make deductions from an employee's wages (see , especially question 2). The safest bet is to assume responsibility and pay for the ticket, and issue appropriate disciplinary action against the employee (up to and including termination if that is consistent with your policy) for the infraction. Keep in mind that if the disciplinary action issued is something short of discharge or removal of driving privileges, you could have even greater liability if he subsequently commits the same violation while on the job and causes injury (or worse) or damage in the process.
    Nice .... So all you employee's out there remember your boss has to pay your ticket when you leave the job site and head to the strip joint to have a couple beers on company time.
    Alas Big brother is looking out for you and knows your every move. So even though you don't have to pay the ticket you get fired...... Don't worry the state will give you unemployment if you protest the the denile because they always side with the employee. This allows you to still fawk your employer and have plenty of time for beer drinking and strip joints....

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    Swing away,i would fire their ass in a heartbeat.The foreman/whoever is in charge is supposed to be looking out for your best interest.Leaving the job early and claiming the hours isnt in your best interest. Unbillable changes? WTF is that supposed to mean? If you bid a job a certain way and they change it it should be billable.I smell a huge change order and some new help that wants to work

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Leaving the job early and claiming the hours is theft. At least it is in the grocery industry.

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    Leaving the job early and claiming the hours is theft. At least it is in the grocery industry.
    For an hourly employee it would qualify as theft regardless of the industry. If it is for a government contract then you've got fraud as well for falsifying your timekeeping records and billing the government for hours not worked.

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    Dave C
    glad I don't work in the construction industry..... that way I can turn to him while at the same strip joint to tell him he is fired :crossx:

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    Desert Rat
    Has the job been satisfactory up to this point? I know my guys sometimes work through breaks and lunch to launch aircraft (We don't come under Cali laws) and are cut loose early, but I must say as the lead I don't thats why I get paid more! If as the senior person/foreman or whatever, you show the workers it's ok to slack then they WILL slack. Was this an isolated incident? If not fire both him and the foreman and send a message to the rest that it will not be tolerated to steal from the company.

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    If he wasn't heading to an emergency (dead/injured spouse/child/family member) then I'd fire him in front of the whole crew. Let everyone know they are now under the microscope.
    After the public hanging, run the crew until your new trustworth foreman is hired. My guess is productivity will get back to where it needs to be.

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    centerhill condor
    25 years ago my boss let me drive the company truck. It had this phrase in red label maker tape, "speed, get caught, look for job". I didn't have a problem speeding in his truck. Now the challenger with the straight pipes and the pistol grip shifter was a printing press.

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    Sportin' Wood
    All work and no play, makes Jeff a dull boy!
    Anybody have a moist towel?

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    Sounds like it's time for a Mexican holiday, Jefe'...

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