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Thread: Nice Takedown.....

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    Brown really need's to comply..... (

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    right in the goozle! good take down :crossx:

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    Brown just doesn't get it sometimes.

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    Brown just doesn't get it sometimes.
    ....and now he spends a night in the box....!

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    Brown just doesn't get it sometimes.
    He's used to the Mounties, they always say "Please, eh?" when demanding compliance with an order.

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    nice move for sure

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    Notice the distraction with his right arm just before he lunges in. Beautiful. Where the head goes, the body follows.

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    Idiot shoulda taken his hands out of his pockets... and all the while he's thinking LAWSUIT :yuk:

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    No, assh*le with a brainfade!
    Thank you

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    That was great....There is no reasoning with drunks!!!!
    Ask....Ask....Kick ass!!!!!!

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