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Thread: For all who contributed to Later

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    ...he doesn't have the cash to send back, but this is a token of his appreciation...

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    Damn! He did'nt even give the GODAMN courtesy of a reach around!

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    Devil's Advocate
    Didn't even so much as make a contribution of one post to his thread! :crossx:
    Holy shit, didn't look at the thread since it was on page 70 something. Had no idea there's 127pages now!! Damn. :220v:

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    You do know that Holy Moly is Later don't you?
    Yep, and Canuck is my bastard half brother that was left for dead as a fetus at a stem cell research facility in Canada. Who knew they could nurse a fetus to full term inside a gerbal's ass? They were going to terminate the freak, but then Canada needed a new mascot.

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    Didnt get my money back as promised. And yes, I have assumed the position.

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    Never mind my bastard half brother....he is still getting rejected by his own hand.

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    ...he doesn't have the cash to send back, but this is a token of his appreciation...
    Your really starting to worry me
    First you notice men blowing wads, now you roll up with the anal lube

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    You just made HolyMoly's day....
    Yep, I now know Canuck will be busy for the 1.5 minutes.

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    Ya think so? I would think there might be a few others on here that just got real excited with that comment.....LMAO
    You just made HolyMoly's day....

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    Dude, you are the mo fuhkin man! :220v:I'm starting to fall in love with you. :crossx:

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