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Thread: 83 Sanger Hydro - Gale Banks twin turbo

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    RexOne - This is not spam - just a heads up on a boat I went to look at this afternoon.
    I was surprised to see a Sanger Ski Hydro for sale in the hills of East Tennessee. so I went to look at it. The boat has a heavy layup, good looking metal flake paint job, blue/yellow trim. From what I could see just at dark the boat looks to be a solid boat, in very original Sanger trim, even had the Sanger badges. Twin saddle tanks, inboard rudder with cable steering and open driveshaft with a direct drive old style Casale V drive. The trailer looks to be orignal 83 comp trailer. The engine is a Gale Banks twin turbo intercooled 454 blowing through a 1150 holley - the intercooler was not plumbed with water. The engine looks in good condition. This could be a great lake boat with some winter project work - enclose the drive line, a new v drive, plumb the intercooler with water lines.
    I would buy this boat - everyone needs a pair of Sanger Hydros in their garage, but reality is that my little fishing boat is all I have time to work on. So I will pass on this boat(good price), but maybe some one here at Hot Boat can find a home for this boat. The Boat is listed in boat section at
    Waiting for Spring- only how many days !

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    Also listed on in the boats for sale section "104+ mph, maybe more with the right driver."

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    The owner took it in on a trade - asking $9900 - if you want to call him 865-805-5503

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    Sanger77, Spring is allready here in Havasu... 95 degrees today... Sorry :cry: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

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    Sanger77, Spring is allready here in Havasu... 95 degrees today... Sorry :cry: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:
    Weather here this time of the year may be 70 degrees tomorrow and 40 degrees for the high the next day. Water temps are already getting cool. Would be great to live in Havasu in the winter and East Tennessee in the Spring/Summer/Fall. The my fishing boat is an alky burner and does not like real cold weather, but get it to fire on gas and the cold dense air is free horse power - but I have put it to bed until spring. So for the next several months I will have to read about you West Coast Boaters - enjoy those 95 degree days with the Biesemeyer.
    :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Do you know if it is still for sale?

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    It was two weeks ago......

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    Do you know if it is still for sale?
    If you are asking about the Sanger turbo boat, I called him and boat is still for sale. The listed here at Hot Boat in the classified section (not spam section) or you can try to contact him.
    J. Breiner
    Phone Number 865-805-5503
    Ten Mile, TN.

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