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Thread: 460 head grinding question

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    76 Sleekcraft
    Getting ready to start on the 460. Have it apart and several have said to remove the smog constrictors on the exhaust ports.
    It is a 76 model.
    My question is: are you talking about the little risers that are near the valve stem when looking into the exhaust port? I have noticed that these have a little hole in the center of them.
    How far do I go? Do I completely grind them down smooth, or do I need to leave some due to the thickness of the head?
    I know its a dumb question, but I had rather be sure before I ruined the heads.

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    Blown 472
    GO CHECK OUT REINCARNATION-AUTOMOTIVE.COM there is a bunch of info on grinding heads, what to remove and what not to, there is pix and all kinds of info. Check it out before you start.

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    I am 472 great site with lots of good info. Try to find a set of DOVE-C heads work real nice.

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    Grind the "emissions humps" smooth to site. Will gain 45hp! Also be sure to block off the heat risers before bolting down intake.

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    Grind the "emissions humps" smooth to site. Will gain 45hp! No way is that true ? Thats cheap hp for a little grinding . RH

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    A little grinding? You have obviously never seen exhaust ports on an emissions Ford big block.
    Gotta love those bench racing fags!
    Quick get your copy of Tractor Pull before they are sold out! It will explain how to run 12 allisons in line with a total of 17,000 cfm of carbueration on pump gas at 26 gallons per second. And this will pull 14 tons for 200ft! Can you believe where technology has taken us! And you say bomb Iraq? Why when we can pull?
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    Alrighty Then !!!
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