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Thread: Love Ride 23

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    So who all will be there? Once I get to the lake I am free to have a good time, if anyone wants to have a beer...

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    I'm thinking about doing the Love Ride this year..never done it before. I just dunno about doing a ride with approx 20,00 bikes. Anyone ever been on this is it ?

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    I have done it. Actually let me rephrase that. I went, met up with a bunch of friends, got really drunk, and never even made it to the actual ride. Sure had a great time partying though.
    To be honest, Im not the only one I know that has done that...LOL

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    Well, for the money you can't beat it. You get a concert, main show is Black Crowes. You get a BBQ lunch and 2 beverages (can be beer, water or soda) some other stuff and some money goes to charity.
    As far as the ride goes, Glendale to Castaic is not all that far, but being a part of a huge caravan can be somewhat memorable. The caravan starts leaving the shop at about 9:15 and at 12:00 some of the stragglers are still leaving....there are a ton of bikes.

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    I have been on two I went back in the days where it ended in Malibu Hills
    Enjoyed them both

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    If you go, make sure you lock your bike up good when you leave it unatended. Lot of dirty mo fo's lurking trying to steal bikes. If I remember correctly we didn't have any thefts in Glendale but they had a few up at the lake and even more at Chewy's and Route 66 up in SCV.

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    Anyone know of WCC is doing their No Love Party this year?

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    Went last year and had an OK time. Had some good peeps in our group and got to see BB King. SinCal got to shake hands with him.
    I usually stay away from the big runs as there are too many newbies that put you at risk. It is cool to be in the area and party but not fun to me to ride with all those knuckleheads. We rode up ourselves and not in the group from Glendale.
    I won't be going this year unless it is a last minute kind of thing.....
    I haven't made the ride, but have heard this from quite a few others that have done that and many of the other local rides. Be safe.

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    H20 Toie
    If you have never gone it is worth it to do the ride and then head over to Route 66 for the after party. i spent more time at route last year then in castaic.

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