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    Wet Dream
    Tony Luke's BABY!! Veal cutlet Italian style. Tender veal, sharp prov and broccoli rabe. Thats right, I found myself downtown and had to stop. Damn good sammiches.

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    It doesn't get much better than Tony Luke's.
    I think the Pork Samich is superb.
    Did you park under the bridge and eat? What atmosphere!!!
    L J

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    Wet Dream
    Yeah, I was coming up the street and everything started looking familiar. I had to park in the middle of the road on the other side of the bridge. It's changed in the last year or so. All the 1970's style orange flourescent tubes are gone, and so are all the pictures of the stars.

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    All the old pictures are gone.
    I just called them and was told that they are going to put the pictures of all the celebrities (and boxers) back up now that the walls have been redone.
    Seeing the pictures was half the fun of going there.
    L J

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    fat rat
    Alright I give.................what is Tony Lukes?

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    i had the same question and i went here
    tony lukes (
    I did have another question though. Do they have a 'real' Philly Cheese Steak?
    I have never had one, nor any veal that i remember.

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    Alright I give.................what is Tony Lukes?
    Philly, of course is know for it's great Cheese Steak sandwiches. There are three places that are often times refered to as the best; Pat's, Gino's and Tony Luke's. All three are in South Philly. Pat's and Gino are in the heart of South Philly on little narrow streets. Tony Luke's is the only one of the three on a main street. All three of these places make other kinds of HOT sandwiches beside Cheese Steaks but they do not make Hoagies. And to be a little more specific about Cheese Steaks, the cheese that the hard core South Philladelphian's put on their Cheese Steaks is Cheese Whiz although it is acceptable to put american or other hard cheeses on a Philly Cheese Steak.
    Hoagies, another Philly tradition, are generally made in a Deli (Delicatessen). Deli's, in the Philly tradition, do not have grills. And you absolutely do not put Mayonaise on a Hoagie. In MD where I currenly live (for the last 22 years since I moved from PA), sandwich shops seemed compelled to put Mayonaise on every sandwich they make and it drives me crazy. Good Hoagies are made with italian meats and cheeses. No, a cold cut sandwich is not a Hoagie.
    The ROLLS (hard rolls) are a key element of Cheese Steaks and Hoagies. None of those soft crusted rolls in Philly. The best rolls are soft on the inside with a great crunchy crust.
    And no matter what the sign or menu says, if you you want a Cheese Steak or a Hoagie, you go to South Philly.
    And that's all I have to say about that!!!!
    L J

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    Wet Dream
    How good is that Tony Luke's? Its so damn good...I found myself eating there again yesterday. Yummy. Its great driving down the road eating one of those monsters and having people look at you.

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    Only cheese steak from Philly I ever had was from Pat's. I must say it was the best friggin cheese steak I've ever had!

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