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Thread: Britney Spears SUNK Kevin Federline

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    Oh fer Christ's sake......WTF does this matter in the real world? :yuk:
    Thanks for the teenybopper update....

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    Devil's Advocate
    Yes, yes, we know. And it's election day.

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    I wonder who will impregnate her next... :crossx:

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    I wonder who will impregnate her next... :crossx:
    Me me me pick me.... :crossx:

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    Kinda surprised his ride on her wealth lasted this long.

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    he'll end up just like nick lachey .......... :cry:
    What.....with another hot ass biotch under his arm and a shitload of $$$$?

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    I wonder if I have a chance?

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    Great! I'm back in!

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