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Thread: Birthday present

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    Just got back with the wifes new birthday present what do you guys think? Any hot boaters go to pismo or black mountain much? We would like to go while we wait for it to get warmer around here to go to the lake. Poor boat not getting any attention.

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    Very nice but I wouldnr ride without a helmet and different shoes :wink:

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    Pretty generous gift there bro. Good for you. Good looking lady you have there also. Congrats.

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    Happy Birthday to her

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    Thanks for the happy birthdays. So not to many people here go to pismo I take it?

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    USed to go there regularly when my son was young and living with his birthing biatch........Glamis is my regular haunt.
    Nice bike, teach her well and don't forget the safety stuff.

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    very cool .....happy b day to your wife..

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    Hardly Satisfied
    very nice happy birthday

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