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Thread: Windmills next to Golden Accorn

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    If you have been out the 8 fwy, then you have seen the windmills across the hwy from the Golden Accorn Casino. Does anyone know if they are for the casino only, or do they supply power for anything or anyone else? I have always thought that this was going to be the energy of the future but no one wants them in there backyard! Are they on private property? Who owns them? Could an individual buy land out there and put up there own and sell to others or companys? Looks like it could be a good investment. Your thoughts??

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    Keith E. Sayre
    I'm also surprised that this method of making power isn't being used more.
    It's obviously an extremely "clean" way to make power which even the
    tree-huggers can't complain about. Then again, I'm also surprised that
    we don't have small nuclear plants in every state? The rest of the world
    sees nuclear energy as the way to go in the future, why are we so behind
    in our thinking, we''re certainly way ahead in the technology end of it.
    just my two cents worth.
    Keith Sayre

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    Hi Keith. I agree 100%. I have a deal for you. Let's buy some land out in the hills in Havasu, and put up some of these and sell the energy back to the elect. companys. Use your pull out there with the city and oversee it all and I will find the investors. What do you think? I don't think there will be a shortage of wind! Your thoughts??
    PS- I'm serious!!

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