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Thread: Spam-Demon Carb

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    I am selling my Demon carb. Its a Mighty Demon 850 with annular boosters. Runs great and looks great. $350 shipped. Includes fuel inlet fittings pictured and nitrous microswith.

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    Going bigger? :boxed:

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    Going bigger? :boxed:
    Probably don't work too good when it is afraid of HEIGHTS...

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    I need a 750.

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    Did you try running it w/o that 2" spacer? Aren't those supposed to make the carb look bigger to the engine(remember reading that in a mag). :boxed:

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    Really, no i did not run it without the spacer. Im gonna try that before i sell it. Thanks.

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    They taylorman, I was told that olds loves carb! I heard that a 950 is what they love. Not sure but thats what I heard...

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    I was gonna buy a Holley HP950. I was recommended that carb by a carb shop. He said the 850 Demon is causing the flat spot i have at wot.

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    A spacer fools the motor (if you will) that the carb is smaller.

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    tayor when ever your ready I would happily take that carb off your hands since I'm havin a carb issue.

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