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Thread: Charger History

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    I got this boat from a friend I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about a 1975 Charger?

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    Link doesn't work.....There is a sight you can check for manufacturers by running the letters in the VIN #.............They are all registered by the Coast Guard.........MP

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    I'd be instrested too... my dad had a 78' Charger. I don't remember much about it... I was 5 years old

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    Great, Ive had Friggin Peal Jam stuck in my head all day! Your sig is not helping! :crossx:

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    I have a 78 Charger and would like to know more as well. I looked for the sight with the Caost Guard but couldn't locate it. Anyone care to post it?

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    what are you trying to find out

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    History of the boat?
    Can I find out what options came with it or what the build was by the ID# similiar to VIN on an auto? If not no biggie but would be nice to know is all.
    Ran across this old thread and wondered if it was worth revisiting.

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    Talk to 77 Charger, he knows alot, and he is a cool guy.

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    77 Charger is a dork.
    Talk to Old Rigger. When I had mine he told me a lot of really cool stuff about it. There were a couple of different hulls they made, so I won't spout off what I remember, but for what it was, it was a pretty nice little boat.

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