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Thread: TRW Forged Piston ??????

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    I bought a 427 BBC. It has a set of TRW .030 pistons. The # on them is 2300. Anybody know what size dome they are? I have not picked up the engine yet.
    Im just wondering what compression I will end up with? Open or Closed chamber heads.

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    Here Dan, maybe this will help!!...

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    Good info site on the pistons! Hey Dans66stevens,I dated a girl out here in Phoenix that lived in (still does now I think)Binghamton. Went back there Thanksgiving a number of years ago, it was freakin cold
    [ November 28, 2002, 07:17 AM: Message edited by: Craig ]

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    Whats her name? Maybe I know her...... eek!

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    Stranger things have happened Her last name was Bigelow. They lived right outside of town from what I recall in a big older two story house. There Dad was always into cross country running. There was Julie, Candy and another sister plus two brothers. Nice people.

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    I know her...... Im only kidding!!!!! eek!
    That would have been really funny!!! wink

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