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Thread: Anaheim II SX

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    What a day....What a race.!!!!!
    Now Anaheim III is a must.

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    went last was great! but cold as f$#k...

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    With all the excitement during the race, didnt seem that cold..or maybe that was the alcohol burning...

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    Replay on CBS 10 am PST....

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    i don't know how stewart was able to keep it on two wheels in that turn between whoop sections. i thought he was going down 2 or 3 times. killer racing.killer party. i won't say who won untill after it airs at 10am

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    Yes do not tell who won watching it now

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    I got a text message last night telling me who won. Woohoo. It's TIVOing right now so that when Mike wakes up the 3 of us can watch it.

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    I want to know darn it. :cry:

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    we will know in 57 minutes

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    JB in so cal
    just open up a sports page

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