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Thread: Cool car pictures...

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    Thought I would share some pics. of cars I have worked on, or been in our shop recently. First up is a Maserati Spyder, these are a bargain at "only" 125K 400hp Ferrari motor, F1 or 6-speed trans. and that sweet Italian leather. this is my second favorite thing to watch the top come down

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    Next is a Zimmer Quicksilver, not too impressive but unusual nonetheless

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    Lamborghini Gallardo...and an early Ferrari in background(more on those later!)

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    An English Panther, 4.2 Jag. motor, less tham 100 miles.

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    Now some better stuff. I went to our owners private museum, and shot these pictures. Now THIS is a garage! His daily drivers not shown at home, include an Enzo Ferrari, Bentley Continental GT, Maserati Quattroporte and others
    This first picture shows an early Rolls,63 Impala,Maserati Mistral....

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    Lotus Elan, red Fiat Dino,..................

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    ACR Viper, Callaway Vette, '96 Gransport vette
    All these cars have less than 500 miles

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    When's the last time you saw a Vector or early Lambo?

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    Mint condition early Alfa, don't even know the others. I do know some of the next cars are quite valuable though.

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