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Thread: Aluminum Exhaust manifolds

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    On a stictly freshwater boat, what are the drawbacks to aluminum exhaust manifolds? Should I or shouldn't I? On a 2100-lb boat the ability to shed 75 lbs is a pretty nice thing.

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    Glenwood HP aluminum's here since 1992. Most of the time freshwater but has seen some ocean time. No problems and yes they shed alot of weight.

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    centerhill condor
    the condor came with aluminum logs and the boat has obviously been in the salt a time or two with no problems. The guy used some red/burn orange sealer..

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    Merc 496 manifolds are aluminum.

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    centerhill condor
    "he was pulling on me"...that is awesome! can you put that up as a pic and I'll send it out to my motorhead friends! they'd love it too.
    If I'm not mistaken you have high performance manifolds. Center draw surely is better for the uniformity of air flow through the cylinder, right?

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    Great!!! Now I just need to find them for less than $500 :220v: :cry:

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    Glenwood did a pretty good job on them out of the box in terms of flow. I did a little further clean up porting to them mainly where they meet the riser. They get the job done pretty good. I would love to have a set of Marine Headers but they are $$$ and I would need them custom made as my exhaust has an angle thru the transom.
    Here's Rumsfeld getting pulled on!

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    Glenwood did a pretty good job on them out of the box in terms of flow.
    Is this glenwood's mark?

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    Hey, I just noticed you're from Fairmont. My dad grew up in Salem and went to Fairmont college. Our family reunions are in Fairmont every year.

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