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Thread: gas tank question.

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    is it possible to create a bigger gas tank system maybe in the bow....say 40 gallons instead of the twin 10's that i have? has anyone ever done this? i'd like to be on the boat a little longer than i've been able to be. i've just never heard of it yet. has anyone done this? thanx in advance...

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    You can do it, but most guys are tearing em out of the bow.
    From what I've read over the years (never had a bow tank
    myself) it seems that they'll really throw off the weight and
    balance thing. It'll cause the boat to ride bow heavy and scrub
    off a considerable amount of speed.
    I suppose if you just filled it when you wanted to take a lengthy
    cruise and you weren't concerned about top end, it wouldn't be
    a big deal.
    If this is yours, you have a nice looking boat.

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    Bow tank will definitely make the boat ride wet (bow heavy) when tank is full. Consider having a belly tank built for the center between the stringers under the floorboard. Many race boats utilize this system for weight distribution and large volume. I have a Hallett Vector twin outboard with a 90 gallon belly tank (actually 2 45's), works well. It would require removing the floor and a custom tank build though, not a simple bolt together deal.

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    alright....yeah thats my boat...bought it in september, thanx. yeah that build sounds like it would cost SO MUCH money but the best idea i've heard yet. thanx for the info guys.

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    sanger rat
    What about having your ten's made longer? Cut a end off. wrap a new piece of aluminum around, then have the end welded back up.

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    thats a damn good idea....i have a buddy that has a machine think they do that? or do you know of another place? thanx for the info bud.

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    sanger rat
    I'm sure they could. Be sure to take them to a radiator-gas tank place and have them flushed out before you have anybody welding on them.

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    oh hell yeah! that'd be nice to have an explosion at my expense would'nt it?

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    Ken F
    Looks like you have quite a bit of room in your gunnels....
    What I did when building my new cheyenne tunnel was make up a pattern of each end of the tank out of 1/4" plywood-faxed it to IMCO tank co. and they made custom tanks for my boat. Ended up holding 24.4 gal. on each side.
    Ken F

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    SICK! does your hull float after the bigger tanks? same? lower? much did it realisticly cost you? that sounds like a great idea...they both do.

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