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Thread: Parallel Deep Cycles

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    When hooking up 2 or more Group 27 deep cycles in parallel I understand that it is positive to positive and negative to negative as many batteries as you would like to daisy chain.
    Does it matter which one of the batteries positve goes to the #2 on the battery switch for engine recharging?
    I have one starting battery to the #1 post on the battery switch.
    I would like to run 2 deep cycles in parallel for tunes and connect one of the positive posts to the #2 post on the battery switch?
    Am I on the right track here??

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    I would split the leads.. Put the positive from the perko/charger on one battery's positive , and put the negative to the perko/charger off the last battery in your bank..... but that's me... HH is the internet wire jockey, he'll know for sure

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    Hey ROZ, speaking of wire, do you have a good link/outlet for DEI wire, cable, and terminals? 20F cap/distribution?

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    I currently plan on getting one of these (pairs) for the stereo. May add an additional single blue-top parallel with it. For around $350 with cover, bracket, and patch-cables. Nice, tidy unit and don't have to buy billet holders.

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    He's got a Perko for the grounds. too???
    You can never have too much isolation...

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    Just keeping you on your toes...swb... I just meant charger...

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