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Thread: Oil ?????????? We have plenty more than anyone!

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    Steve 1

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    Just last night I was talking with my old man about the tar sands in Alberta. Imagine the great lakes full of oil and you get the idea. Its just a little more involved to get than drilling a hole and sucking it out. With oil the price it is now, the area is absolutely booming. I have heard house trailers selling for $300K. I have engineering friends that are making $100K as fresh graduates working there (I've still got 3 months to go before I graduate). But anyways, I do believe that we will not run out of oil anytime soon. People have been claiming that the sky is falling for decades now, and I don't buy it for a second. LONG LIVE THE BIG BLOCK!

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    Old Texan
    60 minutes tonight, righjt now actually

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