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Thread: Garage sale...blower, intake, mag, and more

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    Brodix BB2X Rehr Morrison, ported w/ flow sheet. Complete, fresh. 2.300/1.88 w/ new KMotion springs and Ti retainers. Includes RM pushrods for std. deck BB Chev. $2200.00
    Crane Gold aluminum roller rockers...1.7 for BB Chev. NEW...Summit sells for now for $250.00
    Isky "blue" roller rockers...1.7 for BB Chev...hard to find, excellent rocker. NEW...$275.00
    Mooneyham raised floor tall deck intake, cherry, $400
    Enderle 110 coated, -8 shutoff, highspeed, cable bracket...$550
    Mallory Supermag III, new cap and rotor, new coil, tall deck, $425
    496 rotating assy
    Eagle forged 4.25 crank, Brooks alum. 6.385 rods, SRP 4.310 bore, 12.5:1 pistons, CleviteH bearings, all new $2100
    Hays Stinger Ignition... BB Chev dist (original Corvette cast iron tach drive dist. w/ hays electronic pick-up) and Stinger II ignition module. Includes cap, rotor, and wires. $375
    Weiand Pro Ram polished TR, rect port BB Chev, ported, good cond. $200
    Holley 4780-2, (pair) 800dp, off TR, been sitting, need going through. Good carbs, just need kits. $250 ea. Will re-build for $75 ea
    MSD 85551 billet dist, BB/SB Chev, new in box. $200
    Stainless fuel lines for Dominator carbs on $75
    Polished cast alum valve covers, BB Chev w/ breathers $100, with pan evac system, $125
    Edelbrock Victor Ram, rect port, std. deck, 4150 top...has bent flange, but can be milled. Otherwise unported, cherry...$125
    CVR Mini starter, big/small block Chev...$150
    PM me your email for pics, or email me at:

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    Wish I had the cash..... I'll bump it for ya Steel.

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    Lots of good stuff here and I'm willing to deal

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    Steel, sent ya a pm.

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    Blower has been spoken pending

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    Lets hear some offers...this stuff's gotta go.

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    i just sent you a pm!

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    bump...Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Steel check your pm's

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