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Thread: Paging Ziggy

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    I'm looking for a bimmer.
    Does anyone know who I ask for at Continental Motors....?
    "Um, hello, I am calling for Ziggy, I um, I mean, huh huh, Mr. Ziggy, I heard he, like owns this joint."
    any help?

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    Yeah, call Continental Motors and ask for Ziggy, they'll know who your talking about... Seriously!!!

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    Ziggy, put me on the contact list too please, sent you a PM with my contact info.

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    core attitude

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    He's usually on right after lunch, being the high level exec that he is he usually doesn't get out of bed much before 11am and even that's a stretch... You can also check RRL or HavasuDougs, he hangs out there a lot as well. Heck does he even work???

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    Ziggy is short for his real name... CAll 760 -722-1868 and ask for him...
    He's in Oceanside... 601 s coast hwy
    He's a good guy

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    core attitude

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    Thanks you guys.......Both have been contacted
    Stop waking me up so early GJB :crossx:

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    core attitude
    Man that was easy, thanks for the help today Ziggy, I'll see you in the morning.

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