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Thread: bbc parts

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    Bobby Knight
    polished tunnel ram w/ 850 holleys sideways, custom polished fuel log with custom hard lines, nitrous 100-400hp kit w/ 2 bottles, linkage, fuel pump, regulator, olsen scoop. $1800 obo. melin cast iron heads, s/s valves, rev kit, webster stud girdles,roller rockers, push rods, head temp guages. complete with 25 runs since freshened. $1200 obo. Bassett coated headers with evac bungs, like new condition $400. Rewarder 2" zoomies, chrome fair $200. Vertex mag w/ wires,(tall deck), needs freshening, $200. Vertex mag w/wires for tall deck fresh from zig, locked out, $400. Mallory Super mag w/wires for standard deck $575. 2 sets of polished plain valve covers, one with breathers,one with evac(custom stainless breather and tube) $100 each pair. Chrome 10 qt. pan (v-drive) has been repaired but not visible when assembled. $175. 2 roller camshafts, one from nitruos motor, one from blown alky, will get specs tomorrow, $150 each. Eagle H beam rods just magged w/receipts,arp bolts $250. nostalgia hampton unpolished blower w/ polished bugcatcher, polished manifold,hilborn 150 pump, lines, block, barrel valve, complete(blower needs freshening) w/ pulleys and idler etc. $1600 obo. used perfect condition aquamet 22 shaft $200. Polished Imco 5 gallon upright tank $175. Milodon gear drive $200, or $260 w/ neovane pump. bbc heads, casting #3964291 w/ s/s valves. $650. weiand polished/painted finned timing cover $50. Harwood large glass scoop w/ aluminum mounting base for dominators sideways painted $125. Misc. used large lifeline jackets $150-$450. Custom stringer to stringer battery mount, powder coated blue $50. sorry I cant post pics of all these, feel free to call me for more specific info. Thanks, Steve @ 650 743 9613

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    willing to sell the nos bottles seperatly? if so how big are the bottles?
    $$$ ???

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    Bobby Knight
    CS19, sorry I would like to keep that whole induction a set.

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    Do you have a part number or dimensions on those rods?

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    are there water injectors on the zoomies?

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    Bobby Knight
    Do you have a part number or dimensions on those rods?
    Wally, there at the machine shop with 2 other sets. i had all of them maged. I forget which ones are which, so I left ther machine shop a message to get me the dimensions. I reply as soon as I get them.

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    Bobby Knight
    are there water injectors on the zoomies?
    The zoomies I have left are bassetts, the rewarders are sold. The bassetts are same as described above, and they have bungs for water, however they do not have the lines.

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    How long is the prop shaft.

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    CS19 check your pm's

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    Big Boys Toy PE857
    check your pm's

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