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Thread: x-mas hit squad ...

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    Well ... I'm still hung over and it's almost 24 hours from the ending of the 1st annual x-mas hit squad at Lake Elsinore yesterday ... I have 50+ pictures & videos that i will be posting ... but it was cold (well ... cold for us Calif. boys & girls ... something like 50 degrees) ... but we had a lot of fun!
    Chris (cs19) was nice enough to pick me up at the house and take me along ... Ross (RCB19) was there with his clean ass Rogers, Chris's buddy Grant brought out the Caliber 1 stereo, RIPPINGNOLEGSKROKER had his bitchen twin turbo Shiada out there about 2 hours early ... but had to cruise after a while, Jordan (FuelInMyVeins82) was right there by my side as the only two there who's boats are torn down ...
    It was a total blast ... everything from nursing hang over's to start off ... running the channel, making passes in Coors Light Cove, getting pissed off at two stupid seadoo guys, watching skydivers & running back at sunset ...
    What a way to get ready for x-mas week!
    Here's a taste of what I got ... our ride back to the out ramp:

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    Rad video. i think the sound truely does it justice though. theres nothing like it. Funny thing is you know we will nursing the exact same ****n hang over next weekend.... Guess we truely never learn, oh well i can live with that.

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    Ok tease where are the rest of the pictures and videos?

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    Thanks for posting that video. Onboard footage always rocks, and that was exceptional. Can't wait for the rest of the footage.

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    Looks like fun. Too bad I didn't get to go boating. We got near 4" of rain in Santa Cruz this weekend. I can't wait to get home.

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    You should be up for the "HARD CORE" HoatBoat awards. Its only die hard boat fans that put up with that kind of cold just to go boating.
    Chris, whats with the smoking?
    Why don't you guys call me in the spring when I have thawed out.

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    BRD,I have wet headers and I use a manual switch to control the on/off. I was turning it on and then they pulled up next to me, so I turned it off.what you were seeing was steam.
    my engine doesnt smoke.
    cool vid Brian, thanks.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Chris that sure looked blueish, like oil. But with the color of that water it could have been just that. I didn't know your race boat ran water to the headers like a Lake Boat. J/K
    Great video !!!

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    trust me jim,its steam.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    trust me jim,its steam.
    From the green water makes it look blue. I know your engine is fine.

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