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Thread: BBC Intake question

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    Can someone give me the downlow on the best choice on an intake to replace my Holly Strip Dominator thats cracked? It's going on a rebuilt .030 over 454 with flat tops, 290 heads ( big oval ports with big valves installed), Cam is .550 lift .240 dur @ .050. The holly seemed to work O.K. but I was wondering if there is something better out there? the hull is an 18' Cole starfire jet that gets used mostly for ski / tube duty with the occasional speed run. I plan on running single 800 Holly DP. Thanks in advance.

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    Is it so bad it can't be welded? How do you crack a manifold? :boxed:

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    Back in my bracket racing days, I found the victor Jr. to have the best overall power. But it depends on your combo.

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    Doin' Time
    question for you have a victor jr. on your car now???????just kidding ya....yea victors are cool!..i have a super victor on my car now,im happy with it.

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    Yeah, I was actually looking at the victor jr. According to what I've read, the victor jr. comes on a little lower in RPM's than the strip dominator. To answer MikeF, the cracks happened around the bolt holes. This is a different block than the one it came off of, same heads though. Manifold is at welder/buddys' now. May or may not re-use it, but WILL measure next time manifold gets torqued on.

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    OK. The manifold don't need to be torqued down super tight. But as a recommendation.......the bolts should be checked for tightness before each trip. It does not take very long. Usually when someone does not check this leads to water leaks on the ends.....which = water in the oil.
    If you buy a new one you really can't go wrong w/ the Victor jr. :rollside:

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    iggdog, the holley that you have is perfect for your motor. looks good too. unless you just want to make a change, i`d buy another.

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    Manifold was torqued to 30ft. lbs. in sequence shown in the manual.

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    I had that same engine/comp cams hydraulic cam and Holley manifold. Dumped the Holley intake and added the Edelbrock dual plane intake I believe the (torquer) someone can probably correct me, but the dual plane intake and the torque curve was perfect up to 5800 rpm. Beat lotz of boats from the hole!!

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    Which holes broke out? The 4 that hang out the furthest, (2 per side) do not have any gasket under them and should not be torqued as tight as the rest. Those 4 are just snugged down, carefully...........MP

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