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Thread: Damaged Cole Hydro

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    I'm trying to get rid of this Cole hydro.
    Here's the details:
    Cole Hydro - light lay up center steering
    12-degree polished Casale with whril-a-way and lightened 48's (or 50-somethings, can't remember)
    Outboard steering
    drive shaft and cover
    10 gallon IMCO tank
    1 1/8 prop shaft
    rail kit - everythings anodized blue
    strut and whip strut
    battery box
    new paint
    2 rudders
    Tandem axle trailer - removeable tongue - with chrome rims and chrome fenders
    The crash took about 3" off the tip of the left front sponson, opened the seam between the deck and side from the rear of the sponson back to the motor, and put a hole right next to the motor on the side and in the floor about 2 1/2' long. The paint was brand new and we only got 10 runs on it until before he crashed. Besides fixing the hull, all it needs is a new steering bar and a motor.
    Would like to get $3000 outta it. Please pass the word along to anyone you might know may be interested. PM me or email: if interested. Thanks

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    Just bought a house and need this thing gone. Someone can buy this thing complete and part it out and make thier money back and then some. Make me an offer. Also be willing to deliver within 12 hours of WI.

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    P Money I will give $ 3000.00 cash for that hydro you bring that boat to my door ? Fort Myers Fla. it will be a nice vacation for you and the wife

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    damn!sorry about your dad pmoney.i lost mine 10yrs back and its the hardest thing i've had to deal with in my 30yrs old life.

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    Where are you at P- Money

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    Right on the WI/IL border. Trip to FL would from Beloit WI would be about 21 hours (Mapquest says), like I said before, I'd meet you half way. Can't take a trip since we are buying this house. If you want to talk more, give me a call at 608-346-1185. Thanks

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    Looks like another deal to buy this boat fell thru. Still for sale. May consider parting it out, but would rather not.

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    No one needs to rig a hull? Come on people!

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    whiskey & water
    Do you still have this for sale

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