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Thread: I've been "splashed"

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    It only took me a year to find it, but I did. I usually lay low and read and post when needed, BUT, found out that my screen name, amoung other items named the same, has been SPLASHED... lurking in the shadows is Me4darvr (junior baller), opposed to me, ME4DRVR (Normal baller)... now, I don't bag my sh!t, unless to level my load or look for "bargains" and a chop shop job, just need to make the point clear... Here are a couple assest in the making to help clarify things (If anyone can post these, please do, I'm an idiot, no shame in admitting it..) ... Peace out... c-ya'll in the channel... if we're still allowed to beach there...

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    Didn't you use to work with that guy? Doesn't he have that stock Dodge with a license plate that reads "Nvr2gd"

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    Something like that....

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