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Thread: q's about buying on ebay???????

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    I have a friend that wants to buy items on ebay and is curious about higher $$ amounts. He wants to buy an item that is $4k and another that is $1500. Does paypal cover your purchases to a certain amount? If so how much? How can you spend that much $$ and be guarenteed that the item is authentic? Anyone with info please let me know

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    Paypal only covers up to $1000 and there are restrictions:
    I've never spent much over $500 or so but I always make sure I pay with a credit card, even when using paypal, so that I have the CC companies protection as well.
    I would also consider using an escrow service for amounts that high, see the following topic at ebay:

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    Don't pay with Cashiers check, Money Order or Western Union because you do not have any buyer protection.
    I am currently working an Ebay Auction fraud case with victims from Statin Island to Anchoarge Alaska. The money is being sent to a guy in Orange County and he cashes the checks and forwards it to Moscow via Western Union.
    Lot's of people are S.O.L. right now. Just a word of caution.

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    bump for more info...

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    If its Rolexs or the like , FORGET it. Check the feedback . Get a number and call the guy. Ask to have someone check it out. Highest I've sold has been 1500. Highest I've ran went over 5000 and didn't make the minimum. I've had friends buy and sell cars with fairly good results but you have to know how torecognize a hencky seller. Post the auction.

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