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Thread: Watch out - Toyota's new pickup truck is coming

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    Toyota will pull the wraps off the highly anticipated Tundra pickup truck, which will be built in a plant in San Antonio, Texas. The Tundra replaces the first-generation truck, which hit the market as a 2000 model. Toyota promises it will be bigger, more powerful and will offer a new body and engine.

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    sorry dog
    I wonder if there will be a diesel option

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    Hardly Satisfied
    I hope a make it with a diesel

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    I hope they fixed the ball joints...

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    Yeah I dont think the big three have much to worry about when it comes to trucks. Wondering if the new toy will be offered in a 3/4 ton, 1 ton, dually, I dont think so :yuk:

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    Tom Brown
    I wonder if there will be a diesel option
    Maybe it will be a Toyota with an Isuzu engine.

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    Got this off a trundra board.
    A guy over at Toyota Nation has confirmed more info about the new Tundra. He will be working for Toyota at the new plant when production starts. Toyota will offer it in 3 different configurations, if not 4:
    "B-Cab"= most likely a traditional extended cab with suicide doors and standard box
    "C-Cab"= a Traditional Crew Cab with 4 doors, no word about bed length.
    "D-Cab"= very similar to a Dodge Ram Mega Cab. Will be like a Sequoia (new model) with 16 in. of the tail cut off and replaced by an 8 ft. bed. This is likely what was up with the pics of the "box" thingy on the rear of the cab of the test mule that was posted. Apparently the cab will actually be that big.
    We'll have to wait and see if an "A-Cab" is offered (regular cab)
    Oh yeah, did I mention that he said a new 380 HP V8 will be offered?
    Displacement should be in the 5.5 - 5.7L range. A while ago a guy said the top engine would be a 5.7L. I have also heard from a few that there will likely be 2 - 3 different V8 engines offered this time around. The 4.7 may or may not be carried over as a base engine, and either this 380 HP will be the second or there will be one in between(maybe 5.4-5.5L?). The new Hybrid will likely be launched in '09 and a diesel is reportedly in the works. Edmunds Inside Line has a short article about it.
    Also, he confirmed that TMMTX, San Antinio will begin production of the B and C-Cabs in October and the Indiana plant will begin production of C-Cabs and the D-Cabs in January '07. still no word about the A-Cabs. Makes me think there will not be any. I think they would sell well.
    Anyway just thought I'd share my find. Sounds like Toyota has pulled out all of the stops for the new Tundra this time around. The big 2.5 and Nissan had better hold on to their hats, because 2007 will be a very interresting year. The 2007 TOTY test will be interresting too.

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    If I remember right, the diesel will be a Hino.......w/ LOTS of torque.

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    If I remember right, the diesel will be a Hino.......w/ LOTS of torque.
    Be interesting to see if a half-ton pickup can handle that...

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    Be interesting to see if a half-ton pickup can handle that...
    I believe it will be larger than all of them. :boxed:

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