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Thread: What a night!!!

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    Tonight we attended the Kings game. Both teams play to the peak of their abilities. Shoot out decided the game in which my son RODE THE ZAMBONI!!!!
    Before the end of the first period, a young lady picked him out of the crowd. She whisked us away to the "Ice Level" and put him on the Zamboni. He looked at me and only as a seven year old can do, he said... "Dad, I GOTTA PEE"! LMAO, I told him, "sometimes, you just have to wait"..
    Tonight is a night, we as a family, will "Never Forget"!!!
    Sorry Pixi! KINGS RULE!!!
    Off to Sea/Tac in four hours, Goodnight!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Very cool, i bet your son had a good time being out on the ice

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    Me the wife and kid were at the game my son is almost 2 yrs old and was waving to your son everytime he rode by. He sure had a big grin on his face, my wife was commenting on a child out there insted on an adult.
    Oh yeha it was a good game.
    Go Kings Go

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    Sounds like he had a night to remember

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    Way cool Mark. My boys would have wanted to drive. LOL..

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    TotallyincapASSitated was there too...I missed the game. At least it sounds like it was a good one

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    thats sooo cool

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    Sounds awesome Mark....Did you get any pictures??

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    Tom Brown
    Where is Sponge Bob when you need him to soak up some wee?
    Please say "Hi" to JrShocker for me.
    You're lucky to have such a great son, Mark.

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