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Thread: GMC Suburban and Sanger Flat

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    Cole Sanger
    Well, I think I will try to package these together and see what happens.
    1999 GMC Suburban K2500 SLT. It has the 454 Vortec. Leather and every option available. I hate to see it go, but I think it is time to let it go. Never had any major problems with it. Just went though $2500 worth of brake stuff. Upgraded the front disks to slotted rotors and had an upgraded proportioning valve added. Got that all done and then the hydrolic assist part of the master cylinder went bad and had to replace the whole thing. My new boat is just too damn heavy for the suburban. Not that it didn't pull it a few times, but I could see that what I needed was a newer diesel. I already bought the new truck. I know that KBB says the suburban is worth $10000 trade in and $12000 private party. I will sell it for $10000 here. But wait, theres more....
    I also am selling my old boat and all of the extra parts that I have.
    The boat is a 1972 Sanger flat bottom V-drive. It has a 468 BBC with 12.5:1 compression. It has two Holley 660 center squirter carbs mounted sideways on a Weiand high rise manifold. It has a solid cam and roller valvetrain. The V-drive is a Casale 12 degree with a whirlaway. I have more than $10000 into the engine with all of the receipts. The engine was installed, I did a few shakedown runs, then it got cold. I bought a new boat for the family, so the Sanger needs to go to a good home. I have a bunch of parts, but I don't want to sell them separate at this time. They go with the boat and the next guy can sell them/ship them. I am asking $10000 for the boat. But wait, theres more...
    If you buy both, you get the whole thing for $19000. Now, that price is really firm. I am giving them away for that price. Hell, I am almost paying you to take them for that price with the money I am loosing. But, It would be nice to put a few bucks on the new truck, tile the whole house, and put a nice patio on the back of the house. This probably won't happen as a package, but I thought it was worth a thread.

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    Cole Sanger
    Both for 19000, can't beat that. Or 10000 each.

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    Cole Sanger
    SPAM :rollside:

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    Cole Sanger
    SOLD the Sanger

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