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    I sent my memory tach to Autometer two weeks ago. I told them it was in the boat when I bought it and didn't know how old it was. They just sent it back but I don't think it's the same tach. This one looks BRAND NEW. New brackets and everything.
    Now that's customer service! Even if it's my old one rebuilt for $21.00.

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    I had a similar experience. I broke the sensor on my mechanical water temp and sent in for repair. They sent me a new one in the box for around $35. Works for me!

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    Auto Meter is awesome. We handle alot of their product and have warranty's occationally. It's rarely they deny warranty on anything unless it totally obvious you ran over the gauge with your truck or something absurd like that. I wish all manufacturers of hipo product were as good as AM.

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    Auto Meter is the only way to go!!..

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    I optioned for the Ultra-lites last year when choosing for gauges and it turned out to be the best choice yet. I was more than impressed with the packageing, hardware, and product. Nothing stands up to Autometer based on my experiences!

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